From Austin, TX Since 11/2017

Deathroll from Austin, TX

Extreme physical pain inspired the next-level technical brutality on Deathroll's debut EP “Into
the Vortex”.
Drummer Kevin Talley (Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Six Feet Under, Suffocation) supports band
leader David Coloma, who endured multiple surgeries to repair a ruptured long intestine during
the songwriting process.

"The pain was sometimes so bad I could barely sit up, let alone hold my guitar. The whole
situation made me angry, depressed, bitter. Every riff sounds like my insides being peeled apart
because that's exactly what I was going through," says Coloma.

Deathroll is an international metal studio project, created by guitarist David Coloma and vocal
power house Diego Rojas, featuring session musicians Stephen Fernandez on bass and
renowned drummer Kevin Talley.
"My bond with Diego creating music goes back to our youth when we started our first band 20
years ago, after all these years our chemistry still strong," says Coloma.
Deathroll’s sound is a lethal combination of unorthodox thrashy riffs and pounding
blast beats.
Systematic brutality crafted on each song with lyrics that transcend language.

  • Stephen Fernandez
  • David Coloma
  • Kevin Talley
  • Diego Rojas
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