Dickless Tracy

From Slovenia Monsterbilly Records Since 09/1997

Dickless Tracy from Slovenia

Dickless Tracy started as a pure grindcore band with just one aim – play fast, aggressive and extreme music! Their early sound was in the vein of early Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Blood, and the likes, but throughout the ages, they developed as a grinding death metal – incorporating crushing death metal with crusty parts and doom 'n' gloom into the chaos of grind. The Brežice mongers have played a couple of prestigious (metal) festivals such as Metaldays (Metalcamp), Fuck The Commerce, and Exit Festival and shared the stage with the like of Incantation, Funerus, Impaled Nazarene, Suffocation, Sinister, Benediction, Napalm Death, Holy Moses, Exhumed, and Cephalic Carnage.

The band named themselves after a wordplay in the film The Hard Way (starring Michael J. Fox and James Woods), and although the name Dickless Tracy brings many different and mostly unserious meanings to it, they built everything with it, so they never wanted to change it. Call it a “no compromise” attitude of sorts.

The line-up has been changing thru the years, but the core members since the beginning have been brothers Tomi (vocals, guitars) and Ivan Cepanec (drums). But since 2015, their 3-piece line-up has been completed with the addition of the bassist Jernej Rejc, whose contributions to their sound and the songs on the new album, Grave New World, have been phenomenal — even in Hell. - Qabar PR

  • Tomi Cepanec
    Vocals & Guitar
  • Ivan Cepanec
  • Jernej Rejc
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