From Sacramento, CA Creator-Destructor Records Since 04/2017

Extinguish from Sacramento, CA

EXTINGUISH is truly a no-frills band, an aesthetic that extends to their effective, supremely pissed lyrical strategy. With the state of the world in 2021 being seemingly worse than it’s ever been, the Sacramento five-piece don’t hold back on speaking up about real life; the horrors, sadness, and abuse of power that many fall victim to in our current failed state of politics and leadership. While the band heavily focuses on our collective social nightmare related to corrupt police, politicians, and lack of faith in humanity, EXTINGUISH also find themselves exploring the personal realm of struggling to maintain your sanity when all systems of infrastructure are broken and seemingly hopeless, creating an apocalyptic mental state which one must climb through every day, just to survive. - Earsplit PR

  • Eric Anderson
  • Damian Grellus
  • Gedily Santa Elena
  • Jose Bermudez
  • Ian Bouchard
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