Green King

From Helsinki, Finland The Sign Records

Green King from Helsinki, Finland

Formed in Helsinki, Finland, as a side project to play heavy stoner music, Green King quickly developed their style into a more traditional style of heavy metal. Drawing influences from vast history of heavy metal, Green King fills their songs with monumental riffs and colossal guitar harmonies. They have made their mark on Finnish metal underground by playing fierce live shows filled with musical mojo and speedy guitar solos. Their first EP "Rock Alley Tapes" was released in early 2022, and it brought the band attention around Europe. Green King is releasing their debut album through the Sign records in December 2022.

Green King's member have long been part of the Finnish music scene, playing in bands such as Black Lizard, Rokets, United Seafood and Rusty Triggers.

  • Eliel Salomaa
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Lauri Lyytinen
  • Heikki Nyman
  • Otto Bigler
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