Kings Never Die

Kings Never Die

From New York, New York Upstate Records Since 11/2018

Kings Never Die from New York, New York

"Before My Time" Video


The Story behind KINGS NEVER DIE is best described by guitarist Larry “The Hunter” Nieroda

According to Nieroda, “Kings Never Die started in late 2018 when I called my friend Dan Nastasi to check in and see how he was doing”.

Nieroda adds, “Dan and I share a couple mutual connections, as we both had stints playing guitar in NYHC legends Murphy’s Law.  Nastasi played with Murphy’s Law from 89-90 and I played in 2001-2004 and then again in May, 2018, at the infamous Murphy’s Law gig opening for the Misfits at Prudential Center, Newark N.J.   Currently, I still play guitar for the band Stigma with Vinny Stigma (Agnostic Front), “The Godfather of Hardcore”.  When I first started playing in Stigma, I had played alongside Sean Killkenny, who is Dan’s former guitar mate from Dog Eat Dog.  Dan actually still plays U.S. gigs from time to time with DED.  Just recently, Dan has hooked up with and has been writing new music for Eddie Sutton (Leeway NYC) including Leeway’s 2019’s killer comeback track “I’m Your Pusher”.

Nieroda continues, “During my initial conversation with Dan, he told me he had actually been seriously “back at writing” for about the last 2 years which sparked my interest because I myself was sitting on some new ideas but was waiting for the right situation for to launch these ideas.  Dan has always been known for his song writing, his old Mucky Pup days style and the noticeable change in style while in and when they started Dog Eat Dog, 1991-1994 (the “Warrant” EP’ and the classic “All Boro Kings” Album) , songs like “Who’s The King”, “If These are Good Times” and more.  Dan and I talked about the new songs he had been working on and how strong he felt they are.  Dan described the songs to me as “a much harder Punk Rock-Hardcore style” then he had written in the past.  Dan asked if I would like to get together and hear some of them.  Without hesitation my response was “Hell yeah!” and within days we were in a room with our guitars working on ideas each of us had.  That first jam was fun!  And “fun” is why you get involved with playing music in the first place.  Basically, it was “on” from that point”.

“KND was basically formed that day”, as Nieorda recalls.  “Nastasi immediately called on his longtime best friend and band mate from his Mucky Pup days, John Milnes to hop on the drums and I reached out to Jay Kalfin, who had previously held down the low-end in SubZero and Son of Skam to play bass.  During pre-production, Nastasi filled on vocals to give a clearer picture of how the choruses and songs should feel while rehearsing.  It didn’t take long before Nastasi suggested vocalist Dylan Gadino, who he knew from the band Robots & Monsters.  Nastasi felt Dylan would be exactly what was envisioned vocally, and what the band was looking for.  Dylan immediately accepted and we started working on additional lyrical ideas to add that final piece to KINGS NEVER DIE.  The band was now complete!”.

Since then, the KND camp has amassed and recorded over fourteen songs that are on the ready-line.  On August 9th, “BEFORE MY TIME”, their debut single and video, will be released through UPSTATE RECORDS on all digital platforms and social media outlets.  In the works, are the final touches to a follow-up EP which features Vinny Stigma and Mike Gallo of AGNOSTIC FRONT on the track “RAISE A GLASS” which is sure to be ingrained in your head after you hear it.  From there, KINGS NEVER DIE have their sights on multiple touring runs throughout Europe and the United States, blazing the trail to their upcoming full-length release “The Good Time and The Bad” in 2020.

In speaking with Dan Nastasi, he expressed very clearly, this band is a fresh start and wants KINGS NEVER DIE to stand on their own regardless of the history its members have been apart of.  Dan wants to cultivate the band from the ground up, put the work in, pay their dues and do so with a “Family Environment” label who shares the same vision.  All of which is quite admirable given their possible opportunity to capitalize on their history and previous bands.

KINGS NEVER DIE is serious about being true to the music they create and believe in how their doing it.  They do not claim to be re-inventing the wheel here, but the material speaks for itself.  At the core, the sing along style is immediately memorable.  The vocal presentation is angry yet insightful, with cathartic lyrics and choruses.  Gadino holds it down vocally with support from Nastasi.  The music goes from hard to fast to slow and menacing.  It’s been described as “there’s always something coming around the corner”.  In the bands words “It’s fun and makes us feel really good to play, our hope is people find it fun to listen and makes them feel good as well.

Expect to see a lot of noise about KINGS NEVER DIE.  These guys have fine-tuned the KND machine, polished It up and are ready to take it to all willing to check it out.

  • Larry "The Hunter"Nieroda
  • Dillion Gadino
  • Dan Natasi
  • Steve Gallo
  • Jay Kalfin
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