From Austin, TX

MoonKill from Austin, TX

MoonKill plays untethered Texas Punk. Inserting ambient spacey sounds & new-wave tension into a punk world that is difficult to pin down.

MoonKill materialized in a T-shirt factory, which doubled as an after-hours practice space, in Austin, TX. The quartet all connected for a random jam session in May 2022. The drummer was the lynchpin in a network of friends, which included a guitarist who lived in a trailer in his driveway at the time. The first session produced their initial song “Long Line to Hell'' and they have been growing their queue of Texas Punk songs ever since.

The band self-produced a 3 song EP, The Kong Sessions, in the loft of their friend’s screen-printing shop. After presenting it to producer/engineer Roky Moon (of American Sharks), he offered to produce their debut album, which was completed in February 2024. They played their first live show in Sept. 2023, to a packed house, and began a relentless live show schedule.


Since then, others have taken notice, including their growing fan base in and around Austin. Their EP gained notice from music critics, including Greg Kot, (Chicago Tribune) who featured “Dead Holiday” on his syndicated show, Sound Opinions.

  • Dan
    Vocals, Guitar, and Bass
  • Mario
    Guitar and Bass
  • Danny
    Guitar and Bass
  • Fred
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