Nocturnus AD

From Tampa, FL Profound Lore Records

Nocturnus AD from Tampa, FL

In the middle of 1999, Mike Browning (vocals, drums), Richard Bateman (bass), and Gino Marino (guitars) - all of the first original line-up of Nocturnus in 1987 - reformed as Nocturnus A.D. with Mike Walkowski on guitars, replacing the only other original member from 1987, Vincent Crowley (Acheron).

The name was changed to After Death in 2000 so it would not be associated with Nocturnus. The band again performed as Nocturnus in 2013 for selected shows, though they may not do so in the US due to copyright issues.

In 2013, Nocturnus AD was reformed again with the same lineup as After Death. - Encyclopaedia Metallum

  • Mike Browning
    Drums & Vocals
  • Demian Heftel
  • Belial Koblak
  • Josh Holdren
  • Daniel Tucker
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