Plague Bearer

From Seattle, WA Nameless Grave Records

Plague Bearer from Seattle, WA

Born on the wings of pestilence out of a thirty-year slumber, PLAGUE BEARER rides into our diseased world with a vision of Summoning Apocalyptic Devastation. Primarily known as a primitive blackened Satanic brother to Seattle death metal legends Drawn And Quartered, PLAGUE BEARER has produced a string of underground demos and EPs over the years but never committed to a definitive full-length until now. Summoning Apocalyptic Devastation delivers a devastating triple-pronged vocal assault supported by brutal melodic riffing and pummeling drums heralding the end of this pathetic existence. The purpose of the band? The master of sixty-hundred-sixty-six riffs has but one word: "Evil."

PLAGUE BEARER in its most primordial form created death metal demos in 1993 and 1994, but lineup changes resulted in a rebranding to Drawn And Quartered in 1996. Nevertheless, guitarist K.S. Kuciemba (Drawn And Quartered, Draghkar, Serpent Rider) was determined to keep the Satanic flame alive, slowly amassing simpler, eviler blackened riffs with partner H (Drawn And Quartered, ex-Vetus Obscurum) and putting out a demo in 2001 and EP in 2006 with Nuclear Winter Records. In 2017, K and H reunited with longtime ally T on drums, along with vocalist Nihilist (ex-Abazagorath, ex-Lord Gore, ex-Thy Infernal), to infect the Pacific Northwest with live rituals.

  • Nihilist
  • K.S. Kuciemba
    Guitar & Bass
  • H
  • T
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