Street Tombs

From Santa Fe, NM Carbonized Records

Street Tombs from Santa Fe, NM

Formed in 2017, STREET TOMBS was forged in the flames of the legendary underground venue, The Cave, where the band hosted numerous shows for the DIY punk/metal community of Santa Fe and surrounding cities. The collective has released three demos since 2018. Combining the death metal grit of early Sepultura and Bolt Thrower with the rabid D-Beat/street punk of Discharge and G.B.H., Reclusive Decay presents a unified vision for all that is dark, heavy, and fast. As death and disease rage through our modern world, STREET TOMBS rip the abyss of suffering.

  • Damian Jacoby
    Guitar & Vocals
  • David McMaster
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Ben Brodsky
  • Galen Baudhuin
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