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Xoth from Seattle, WA

Since their debut in 2014, Seattle’s Xoth has continually spewed their unique brand of extreme metal upon unsuspecting listeners to great pleasure and critical acclaim.


Appearing on festivals including Northwest Terror Fest and sharing the stage with bands including Voivod, Napalm Death, and Marduk, Xoth has consistently turned heads and expanded their cult-like following throughout the West Coast and beyond.


With the release of their second full-length, Interdimensional Invocations, Xoth reveals a fully mature sound and a vivid imagination that is oddly familiar and refreshingly original at the same time. Shredding dual guitars, pummeling drums, speed chopper bass, and diverse vocals all dance together in disgusting harmony with magnificent mixing by Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studios (Obituary, Suffocation), and masterful mastering by Julian Silva (On Air Mastering).


While Xoth blends a wide range of influences from across the metal universe and beyond, their sound can best be described as a death-match between Bal-Sagoth, Death, Akercocke, Obscura, Emperor, and Absu…..in space. Xoth appeals not only to the aficionado of complex time signatures, key changes and melodic composition, but also to the good ‘ol heavy metal enthusiast.


Thematically, Xoth mixes themes including sci-fi, ancient mysteries, emerging catastrophes, and social commentary, lined with a layer of humor that is as magnetic as it is unsettling. If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to a once-futuristic dystopia that is quickly becoming an inevitable reality, look no further.

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  • Tyler Sturgill
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Woody Adler
  • Ben Bennett
  • Jeremy Salvo
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