Mastiff "Serrated" Music Video

MASTIFF, the UK-based metallic sludge quintet out of Kingston-upon-Hull will release a new LP titled Deprecipice on March 22nd via MNRK Heavy. The first single from which, "Serrated," is available now in an accompanying music video and features guest vocals from Burner's Harry Nott.

We’ve gone quite a lot towards a hardcore sound,” says vocalist Jim Hodge. “Where the last one was more death metal, this one’s a lot more staccato: a lot more defined, riff-wise.

Hodge continues, “The track lyrically is about the ‘bullshit machine;’ people blowing smoke up your arse but you trying to stay grounded. It’s too easy to fall foul of the reverse of imposter syndrome. We met Harry and the Burner boys when they came to Hull when they were supporting Employed To Serve and it turned out Burner were fans of us and after about 30 seconds of them playing we all became some of their biggest fans too.

Adds Nott, “‘Serrated’ is a relentless track and the vibe clicked instantly - went in the studio and smashed it in a couple of takes with some quickly penned lyrics. MASTIFF is the epitome of darkness, so I went hard on some apocalyptic imagery.

Dan Craley
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