Mountaineer Debuts New Single "Parallels"

With the release of their fifth full-length album, Dawn And All That Follows, on the horizon, Bay Area post-metallers MOUNTAINEER have premiered their latest single, "Parallels." The record has an official street date of July 26th and will be presented by A Thousand Arms Music (US) and Dunk! Records (EU).

Vocalist Miguel Meza says: "Parallels: Two souls falling through the cosmos, drawn by unseen forces, finally converge in the vast expanse. Like astronauts navigating the stars, searching for someone they've never met yet already know, their journey unfolds in harmonies of fate and echoes of longing."

Guitarist Clayton Bartholomew said this about the new record: “I think with Dawn and All That Follows, we took our time and really focused on developing the songs. A lot of thought went into the composition and flow of the album. Attention to detail with the songwriting was more prevalent this time around… we wanted to write a collection of the best songs we could. As with all our previous albums, we recorded at Nu-Tone Studios with Ben Hirschfield producing. I think you can hear not only the evolution of the band in terms of songwriting over our five albums, but you can also hear Ben’s growth as a producer, engineer and mixer.”

Pre-order Dawn And All That Follows HERE.

Dawn And All That Follows tracklisting: 
1. Cradlesong
2. Hypnos
3. Prism
4. Dawn And All That Follows
5. Testimonial
6. You Will Always Be One Of Us
7. Dark Passenger
8. Parallels

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