Pyrexia "Purging The Nemesis" Lyric Video

Long Island's PYREXIA will soon issue the re-recorded1997 OSDM classic System Of The Animal via the band's own label Gravitas Entertainment. The album was recently completed with the current line-up of Chris Basile (Guitar), Shaun Kennedy (Bass), Jim Beach (Vocals), and John Glassbrenner (Drums).

Basile comments on the track, ​"This track is probably the most ferocious on the album. Pure Brutal Death Metal Vintage 1997. Only this time you can hear the riffs and feel the drums."

Album pre-order (CD, Vinyl) is available at

"This album was ahead of its time in 1997. I don't think a lot of people were ready for such a mix of Brutal Death Metal VS. Beatdown Hardcore. When people hear this material with the production we put together with Demigod Studio, combined with the fact that the music was written in the mid-90s. I think it puts Pyrexia in a whole new light for a lot of people. I think the songwriting is really going to stand out for listeners bored with bands that put out the same album over and over." says Basile.

System Of The Animal 25 Track Listing:​
1. Confrontation
2. Downsized
3. System of the Animal
4. Closure
5. Purging the Nemesis
6. Day One
7. Unscathed
8. G.F.Y.S. (Go Fuck Your Self)

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