Review: Cannibal Corpse - Chaos Horrific

Album Title
Chaos Horrific
Released On
Metal Blade Records

What can be said about these death metal pioneers that hasn't already been said? 35 years into their career and they're still out here killing it. Just a constant slaying machine that in recent years could be argued is more popular than ever and surely the biggest death metal band ever.

2021's Violence Unimagined quickly became one of my favorites of their catalog. News that Chaos Horrific was written around the same timeframe equally piqued my interest and brought upon some apprehension. 

Interest came from the obvious, how strong the prior release was and of just naturally from them being one of my all-time favorite bands. Apprehension being a worry that these songs were cut, just not good enough to make it to Violence Unimagined, but Covid put them in a different place, so why not do another album as they couldn't tour much? 

Admittedly, Chaos Horrific didn't hit immediately like some releases. It was very solid as the band has never released a bad album and probably never will. I gave it a ton of listens to let it "marinate" so to speak.  On surface, it is just a continuation of Violence Unimagined. Closer inspection, you quickly realize it's much more than that. Signature Corpse riffing and brutality is forever present. It's just natural to them at this point and it has progressed nicely. 

Who would think that losing Pat O'Brien on guitar wouldn't hamper the band? It surely helps getting someone like Erik Rutan and it seems the band has been reinvigorated ever since. 

Chaos Horrific finds the band treading the same waters, but take a little different ways to swim through it. You'll hear some more modern death riffing here and there, some black metal tinges at times, and thrash aspects here and there. All of this set on the incredibly strong foundation that is the Cannibal Corpse name and style. 

I see no reason for lifelong fans to not like this. Even better, I see no reason for it not to grab new fans and make them thirst for more only to shit their pants when they find they have 14 prior albums to also blow their minds. Chaos Horrific is a superb addition to an already illustrious career of these living legends. 

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