Review: Deeds Of Flesh - Trading Pieces (Reissue)

Album Title
Trading Pieces (Reissue)
Released On
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

If you know death metal at all, you probably know the name Deeds of Flesh. If you don’t, stop reading and go change that IMMEDIATELY. This is a name that belongs in the upper echelon of death metal bands and for good reason. Their catalog speaks volumes to that statement. Trading Pieces is their debut full length and laid the foundation for what would come for years after. Unbeknownst to me, this album was somehow not in press. Not even by Unique Leader Records who were founded by Deeds of Flesh’s guitarist Erik Lindmark? Weird to me, but the underground metal community owes Horror Pain Gore Death Productions a debt of gratitude for remedying this.

Originally released in 1996, Trading Pieces immediately garnered respect for Deeds of Flesh. It is late 90’s ultra-brutal and super technical death metal at its finest. Performed at breakneck speeds with razor sharp precision. It’s fast as shit with frenetic dual vocal duties lows and highs. That speed can stop on a dime and pummel you immediately with devastating groove, but never overused like many within the subgenre.

Deeds of Flesh would go onto release 8 more full lengths after this. The most recent being released posthumously as Erik Lindmark unfortunately passed away in 2018. His discography will stand the testament of time and forever pay tribute to his legacy of riffs. I’m thankful that we have labels out there to help assure albums such as Trading Pieces continue to get it's just desserts.

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