Review: Grimentity - DSM-5. The New Chapter

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DSM-5. The New Chapter
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Self Released

Very recently, Grimentity contacted GIO asking if we'd like to review their new album. Dan asked if I was interested. How in the blue hell did I not know about these guys? They share a member with Relics of Humanity and Ominous Scriptures, both of who I greatly enjoy. Naturally, I quickly said yes and I'm thankful I did!

In a sentence, this shit straight-up rips. They're playing a solid mix of grindcore and death metal. Their sound could have very easily fit in with late 90s/early 00s death metal. Hell, they would have been a great addition to Maryland Deathfest back then. It has that Eastern European flare to it that I wish I could put into words. That said, it doesn't sound dated at all or trying overly hard to be "old school."

The dual vocal attack, lows, and highs, reminds me of Dying Fetus at times without ripping them off. They do grindcore just the way I like it by adding in the perfect amount of brutal death and dropping in nasty grooves at the right time.

Production-wise, it's an excellent mix. Modern and clean while not being anywhere near overproduced. It gives the recording a certain punch and a good deal of energy to bounce out of your speakers. Somehow, these guys have been around since 2018, have a bunch of demos, and I'm just now hearing them?! Well, better late than never. Go to their Bandcamp and check out this album. They're even kind enough to let you download it for free. If you like deathgrind, you literally have no excuse not to. While there, check out the album's art. Goddamn is it good!

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