Spine Sign With Convulse Records

Kansas City hardcore/powerviolence quartet SPINE has signed with Convulse Records to release their forthcoming LP Raíces. Accompanying the announcement comes the records first single, the 42-second "P.O.C.".

Antonio Marquez (vocals) comments on the track, “This is written from the perspective that ‘white’ people always seem to have opinions on issues that don’t and have never affected them. Therefore they tend to try to tell you that your experiences and your history is wrong. They over step into issues taking the voice away from those who need to carry their own causes and should be given visibility. This happens very often with any conflict, not just international. Sit back and listen to our experiences. You've either lived it and experienced it or you haven’t.”

Raíces is available now for preorder through Convulse Records.

Raíces Tracklist:

1. Odio

2. Vacio

3. Winter

4. Exterminate

5. Sigue La Lucha

6. Traitor

7. Raíces

8. P.O.C.

9. Peligro

10. H.T.T.H

11. Pure

12. Madre Mía

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