This Week's New Releases

Keeping up with each week's new releases can be hard. Check out the list below to make sure you haven't missed anything or maybe even find something new you hadn't heard of. You'll find a Bandcamp preview for each release and a link to buy it if you like what you hear.

If we missed something, let us know! Tell us if you've got a future release you want us to be aware of!

Abstain - Promo (Advanced Perspective Records) - Buy It

Aeons - The Ghosts Of What We Knew (Sliptrick Records) - Buy It

Akhlys - House of the Black Geminus (Debemur Morti Productions) - Buy It

Arx Atrata - A Reckoning (Self Released) - Buy It

Black Hole Deity - Profane Geometry (Everlasting Spew Records) - Buy It

Blind Girls - An Exit Exists (Persistent Vision Records) - Buy It

Blush_Response - Sprawl (Artoffact Records) - Buy It

Cryptic Hatred - Internal Torment (Time To Kill Records) - Buy It

Duel - Breakfact With Death (Heavy Psych Sounds Records) - Buy It

En Love - Promo (Delayed Gratification Records) - Buy It

Hold My Own - Da Trifecta (Daze/Streets Of Hate/Triple B Records) - Buy It

Immortal Rotting - Death Doom Mafia (Self Released) - Buy It

Kissin' Dynamite - Back With A Bang (Napalm Records) - Buy It

Krallice - Inorganic Rites (Self Released) - Buy It

Kryptos - Decimator (AFM Records) - Buy It

Liminal Shroud - Visions of Collapse (Willowtip Records) - Buy It

Malconfront - Humanism (Transcending Obscurity Records) - Buy It

Octoploid - Beyond The Aeons (Reigning Phoenix Music) - Buy It

Palmar De Troya - II (Reptilian Records) - Buy It

Psychic Death - Psychic Death III: The Final Chapter (Self Released) - Buy It

Rainswept - No Threats Allowed (Time To Kill Records) - Buy It

Sumac - The Keeper's Tongue (Thrill Jockey Records) - Buy It

Thunder Horse - Dead Alive In TX (Ripple Music) - Buy It

Trimegisto - The Hanged Man (Iron Blood and Death Corporation) - Buy It

Vile Desire - Sick With Hate (Self Released) - Buy It

Vimur - The Timeless Everpresent (Avantgarde Music) - Buy It

Visions Of Atlantis - Pirates II - Armada (Napalm Records) - Buy It

Vulvodynia - Entabeni (Unique Leader Records) - Buy It

Wormed - Omegon (Season Of Mist Records) - Buy It

Xasthur - Disharmonic Variations (Lupus Lounge) - Buy It

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Dan started Getting It Out back in 2018 as a stand alone podcast. He’s been writing for music websites for over a decade and finally decided to start his own. Now living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his wife and kids, he briefly sang for Baltimore’s Pleasant Living.

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