30,000 Monkies Premiere "Friendship"

Album Title
Honesty Integrity Friendship Passion
Released On
Consouling Sounds

This Friday, Belgian experimental noise rockers 30,000 MONKIES will release their new LP, Honesty Integrity Friendship Passion, via Consouling Sounds. Getting It Out is proud to present the exclusive premiere of "Friendship", the third track from the Lil B inspired, extremely diverse, four song record.

It might seem like a pre-planned concept album, but it really isn’t. The title comes from Lil B’s lecture that took place in New York city in 2012” says guitarist Michael De Naegel.

Guitarist and vocalist Ruben Savelkoul adds, "This sequence of words has been living in our minds since then. We kept thinking about doing something with it and finally decided to write the music to fit these words. In the end we wrote a song for each individual word, sonically and thematically inspired by it.”

Each track was written and arranged by 30,000 Monkies with a different approach at FVN KVLT Studios in February 2021. Nothing sounds the same, but it all manages to come together as a cohesive piece, combining noise rock, sludge, black metal, electronics, and even autotune.

"‘Friendship’ was (fittingly) the most collaborative songwriting effort we ever did as a band, trying to get the dynamics right in a live setting before we started recording" says De Naegel.

Pick up your copy of Honesty Integrity Friendship Passion on CD, LP, and digital download right here.

1. Honesty
2. Integrity
3. Friendship
4. Passion

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