Candlemass Premiere "Sweet Evil Sun"

CANDLEMASS have released a music video for "Sweet Evil Sun", the eponymous track from their forthcoming album due out November 18th on Napalm Records. Following the reveal of the appropriately titled single "Scandinavian Gods", CANDLEMASS have confirmed they are in fact "back on their shit" for a second straight album.

Leif Edling comments on the track, "It took me only an hour or so to write, but it turned out to be not only the title track of Sweet Evil Sun, but also one of the best songs on it! Nice riff, great chorus and one heck of a guitar solo from Lars! Immediate, epic, heavy, catchy! It kicks ass!!"

Pre-Order your copy of Sweet Evil Sun HERE!

Track List:

1. Wizard of the Vortex

2. Sweet Evil Sun

3. Angel Battle

4. Black Butterfly

5. When Death Sighs

6. Scandinavian Gods

7. Devil Voodoo

8. Crucified

9. Goddess

10. A Cup of Coffin (Outro)

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