CroMagnum Print Third Limited Edition Comic Book

Montreal's CroMagnum unleashed their second EP “Born Free” this past September. Coinciding with its release, band vocalist and guitarist Maximus Rex shared his written and drawn comic book "Bigg Baby: Tales From The Id" to go with the digital version of the EP. Today, he's proud to present the third issue due out on December 2nd and is now available for pre-order as a limited run of only 75 copies.

''It's a double-sized Christmas special, it tells two stories, and it also includes some extra ''Behind the scenes'' kind of stuff...'' adds Maximus Rex.

The comic book is offered in one of the three packages available below:
1. THE BIGG BABY: Issue 3 comic book...10$
2. THE BIGGER BABY: Issue 3 comic+ signed in silver ink...15$
3. THE BIGGEST BABY: Issue 3 comic+ signed in silver ink + personalized sketch... 20$
Shipping is an extra 3$ within Canada, and an extra 4$ for the United States.
Add issues one and two (5$ each) to really make it worth your while, with no extra shipping costs!!!

The comic book can be pre-ordered at and for those in Montreal, QC, it can be purchased at (10035 avenue de Bruxelles, Suite 101).

Dan Craley
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