Fen Release New Track "Wracked"

English post-black metallers FEN have dropped the third single, "Wracked", from their upcoming new LP Monuments To Absence. The full LP is scheduled for release on July 7th courtesy of Prophecy Productions.

"There are days when one is struck by a sense of such overwhelming black despair that it strikes almost as a physical force", mastermind Frank "The Watcher" Allain writes. "We are literally wracked with sorrow, so overcome with the deepest sadness that it hits like a blow – staggering one backwards, grinding us to a halt. At such moments, one can only wait for the wave to subside, to retreat into the dark, yawning chasm of one's own mind; and hope that the storm will pass as swiftly as possible. 'Wracked' speaks of those days."

Pre-order Monuments To Absence HERE.

Monuments To Absence Tracklist:
1. Scouring Ignorance
2. Monuments to Absence
3. Thrall
4. To Silence and Abyss We Reach
5. Truth Is Futility
6. Eschaton's Gift
7. Wracked
8. All Is Lost

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