Review: Great American Ghost - Torture World

Album Title
Torture World
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MNRK Heavy

I always thought I knew what type of band Great American Ghost was. It was an opinion based on how I assumed they sounded using their fans and moniker as the only evidence. I felt justified for a very long time.

Then came the wretched year of 2020 and the pleasant surprise of the eOne debut Power Through Terror. I enjoyed it so much, I invited Ethan Harrison (vocals) to join me for an episode of Getting It Out Podcast. Now on the same label with a different name, their new EP, Torture World, is raising my eyebrows once again!

Great American Ghost write extremely aggressive music that is difficult to pigeonhole. It is quite obviously rooted in the hardcore and metalcore sounds of the early 2000's. If you need visual evidence, simply look to the Hope Conspiracy tattoo on Harrison's head. The aforementioned aggression is on full display with the angular lead off track "Kingmaker" and if you don't hear in the music, you will in the words. "Careful what you wish for you fucking cowards" caps off a track that is a pointed finger at the Qanon crowd.

There are only four songs on this record so there is no sense in catching your breath. If you do it'll be during the melodic moments of the title track or "Death Forgives No One". Somehow, Great American Ghost smash together Gojira and Thrice, but sound like neither and that's part of their mastery. This EP is another emphatic statement from a confident band making exactly the art they want regardless of musical or social confines.

On Torture World, Great American Ghost throw a four piece combination and every punch lands. The way they so casually and accurately hit several targets with such a short flurry on this EP is unparalleled. They've put us on the ropes with these four tracks and I imagine the next LP is the knockout punch.

Dan Craley
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Dan Craley

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