Hex Records To Celebrate 25 Year Anniversary In 2024

2024 will mark 25 years of existence for noise rock label HEX RECORDS. To celebrate the milestone, label head Ryan Canavan has revealed some interesting plans for the occasion. I'll make it easy for all of us and let you read it straight from the man himself.

"Happy New Year!
A big year is ahead for 2024 as it will be the 25th anniversary of Hex Records. It’s quite a milestone. I ought to do something special for it. I’ll get to that. Please feel free to share a memory, or an anecdote. I made a little logo for the 25th anniversary that I think looks kinda cool.
There are currently plans for several new releases this year and one repress (that USA Nails "Character Stop" one I gabbed about a week ago) and I can’t wait to get going on them.
One thing I’m going to give a try is a monthly cover by a band either part of this label, or associated in some way. Essentially, I’ve reached out to a bunch of bands with fairly specific covers that I think would fit for them and, well, starting next week you’ll begin to see those popping up. I’m shooting for one a month for the whole year. Whose going to cover what? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out!

Next order of business: there will be a two-night show as part of the label’s anniversary on Friday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 4th at The Fixin To in Portland, OR. Again, this will be all bands on, or associated with in some way, the label. So many bands I’ve worked with are from all over the stinkin’ place so, by and large, this will be primarily Northwest bands. However, it won’t be all PNW bands. There’s a couple making a trek. I’m not trying to make this some all-day fest, just a few bands each night. If you find yourself out this way come to the show(s)!

I think that’s about it. Be on the lookout for news on new releases, tours, and other nonsense. And thank you, if you’re reading this, for being a supporter in some way over these last 25 years. Hopefully you’ve experienced some joy and excitement from any (or all) the projects we have worked on over the years.



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