Kind Release "Power Grab"

The Boston heavy rockers KIND have revealed another single from Close Encounters their sophomore album due out August 11th on Ripple Music. "Power Grab" is a rare riff-laden psychedelic doom ripper that wraps up in under three minutes.

Guitarist Darryl Shepard comments on the track, "'Power Grab' is our shortest song, clocking in at just under three minutes. It’s kind of our “punk rock” song. It was also the most difficult to record for some reason, it took us five takes to nail it whereas most songs take one or two takes. For me personally it has one of my favorite guitar solos that I’ve played on it, it’s pretty out of control. Craig sums up the lyrics very succinctly: “The things people will do to end up on top”. The video was created by Shane McConnell of The Dregs Liquid Light Show, who do live liquid light shows at clubs around the Boston area."

Pre-order Close Encounters HERE.

Dan Craley
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