Trounce Reveal "The Wheel" Lyric Video

TROUNCE is a new band founded by Coilguns guitarist Jonathan Nido. In anticipation of their debut album The Seven Crowns + Live At Roadburn, due out October 20th via Hummus Records, they recently revealed the first single "The Wheel".

Nido comments on the track, "The Wheel" serves as the final track on the studio album, representing the culmination of this songwriting session in 2020. It holds a special significance as the first song to introduce the captivating universe of Trounce. This composition embodies the essence of Trounce, blending catchy melodies with powerful blast beats, epic choruses, introspective moments, and an intense, heavy mid-tempo section. It truly encompasses the diverse elements that define our sound. Interestingly, "The Wheel" remains faithful to its live performance, delivering an almost identical experience on stage. Towards the end, the song takes a dramatic turn with an apocalyptic choir, skillfully crafted by my trusted collaborator and mixing engineer, Kevin Galland. In those final moments, his synthesizers and vocals come together to create a haunting and atmospheric conclusion."

Pre-order The Seven Crowns & Live At Roadburn HERE.

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