Marc Urselli's SteppenDoom Play Soundgarden's "4th Of July"

Today, Marc Urselli's STEPPENDOOM has revealed their cover of Soundgarden's "4th Of July". The timely release of the cover serves as the last single prior to the release of Superunknown Redux via Magnetic Eye Records on July 14th.

This beautifully strange rendition features an actual member of SOUNDGARDEN in drummer Matt Cameron as well as Igor Sydorenko of  Ukraine's STONED JESUS, multi-instrumentalist Alain Johannes (QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, ELEVEN) and throat singers Utelo and the legendary Albert Kuvezin (of Tuvan throat singing collective YAT-KHA).

Marc Urselli comments: "The Seattle grunge scene changed my life", the project's mastermind explains. "I was wearing flannel and listening to anything from there I could get my hands on, and out of all the bands from that scene, Soundgarden were one of my absolute favorites. When Magnetic Eye invited me to do '4th of July', I jumped at the opportunity to do a sludgy and weird rendition. I immediately thought about inviting Matt Cameron to play drums on it. Matt graciously agreed to participate and this clearly is a major honor. For the vocals, the obvious choice to add throat singing, which is the essence of SteppenDoom, was Albert Kuvezin of Yat-Kha, because he's the only throat singer with experience doing kargyraa throat renditions of rock songs. I also invited Utelo to add some extra layers in different styles of overtone singing (khoomei or sygyt). The invasion of Ukraine had just started and I loved the idea of collaborating with a Ukrainian artist to show my support for the people of Ukraine. Igor from Stoned Jesus had turned his recording studio into a bunker to stay safe during the bombings. The fact that he could record his vocals while his country and city were under attack was a small miracle and a testament to his unwavering dedication to music, even in times of war!"

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