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It's time to introduce the most recent additions to the Getting It Out artist database. Presented below are eight more bands from a variety of subgenres, death metal to stoner rock to hardcore, who are now set up with band pages on!


What is it? Heavy psychedelic doom from Indianapolis, Indiana. Their new album Devil's Night will drop Monday, October 30th. Fans of keyboard drenched stoner rock in league with Satan, look no further, this is your band!

Ancient Days on


What is it? Self-declared progenitors of "bimboviolence" or "barbie grind", this New Orleans quartet is primed for takeover in hardcore, metal, and all the subgenres in between. Now armed with a new record deal courtesy of Prosthetic Records, the band will release Social Grace in early 2024.

Brat on


What is it? An abrasive death doom duo from Denmark. Their third album Skarpretterfossilet drops October 27th via Extremely Rotten Productions. Press materials suggest it is a contender for "most insane album of 2023." We're not sure what that means, but it's intriguing!

Broder on

Check out Skarpretterfossilet HERE.


What is it? The legendary Philadelphia hardcore unit is back in the game after announcing they've signed with Revelation Records to release new EP Famine. Unsurprisingly, they've picked up right where they left off, led by the frenetic vocal attack of Dan Yemin. Two singles, the title track and "Dominion", are available now. The full EP will drop November 3rd.

Paint It Black on

Pre-order Famine HERE.


What is it? Montreal death doomsters have re-emerged with a brand new LP titled Foreordained due out December 8th courtesy of Dark Descent Records. The first single "Infomorph" is a drawn out (nearly eight minute) devastating epic. It's only a glimpse at the upcoming full-length, but it's a promising display.

Phobocosm on

Pre-order Foreordained HERE.


What is it? A Portland death metal trio with an appreciation for the more extreme side of thrash metal, featuring members of Ascended Dead, Ritual Necromancy, and Funebrarum. Their new EP Lie In Wait is a co-release from Cali death dealers Carbonized Records and Euro grime peddlers Seed Of Doom Records.

Thanamagus on

Check out Lie In Wait HERE.


What's is it? Classic thrash and heavy metal born out of Ohio, War Curse will release their third full-length, Confession, on October 20th courtesy of Metal Blade Records/Blacklight Media. Early singles "Miracle Broker" and "The Convoy" present groovy, "lock you in" riffs reminiscent of John Bush-era Anthrax.

War Curse on

Check out Confession HERE.


What is it? Technical death metal played by a black metal band in space! Something like that. Regardless of the genre tags applied, the Seattle-based group rips! Their third full-length is scheduled for release on November 3rd courtesy of Dawnbreed Records.

Xoth on

Pre-order Exogalactic HERE.

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