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This week we've got seven new additions to the band directory here on As has been the case recently, these bands are from all over the world and there is a very broad range in sound. Dig in to the acts below and you're sure to find something that wets your whistle.

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What is it? Wild punk spirited chaos from Oslo, Norway. Immediately, many listeners will jump to Refused comparisons, but the band is more nuanced and avant-garde than that. Their debut album title Feelantropicoco is a made up word and that says a lot without saying much about AKERSBORG.

Check out Feelantropicoco HERE.

Akersborg on


What is it? One of Bob Balch's (Fu Manchu) many side projects. BIG SCENIC NOWHERE also includes members of Yawning Man and Mos Generator so if you're familiar with the three bands mentioned thus far, you likely know what your in for. With two EPs and two LPs already under their belt, these guys have a well established progressive heavy rock sound. New album The Waydown will feature guest spots from Reeves Gabrels (The Cure), Per Wiberg (ex-Opeth, Spiritual Beggars), Eliot Lewis (Hall and Oates).

Pre-order The Waydown HERE.

Big Scenic Nowhere on


What is it? Welsh doom/stoner metal trio recently dropped a new three song EP Evil Eye and announced they have signed with Ripple Music. They've got a new album on the calendar for early 2024 that will serve as their debut for the Californian label.

Check out Evil Eye HERE.

Goat Major on


What is it? The latest signing of Century Media's VP of A&R Mike Gitter, this UK metal quartet blurs the subgenres of death metal, grind, and hardcore. The dual vocal approach from Jake Packer and Debbie Gough allow the band to stand out on the surface, but dig in deeper and you'll find an amalgamation of brutal and ugly music.

Heriot on


What is it? Deathgrind from DIY scene of Portland, Oregon and they just dropped their sophomore full-length, Worship, courtesy of Modern Grievance Records. It's twelve tracks of politically charged rage with a loud and clear message to an absolute ripping soundtrack.

Check out Worship HERE.

Rank And Vile on


What is it? Blasting power violence from Belgium since 2015. Earlier this year they released their second record, Disco Violence Up Yours! via Give Praise Records. While they have a humorous "celebrity themed" approach, the music doesn't lack the spirit and ferocity of the genre forebears like Manliftingbanner or Infest.

Check out Disco Violence Up Yours! HERE.

Travolta on


What is it? Old school doom and proto-metal from Italy with plenty of that classic Black Sabbath style. They will be releasing a new eight song LP A Place For Demons on December 15th through Morbid And Miserable Records on cassette, with vinyl and CD from Helter Skelter Productions/Regain Records. Recommended for fans of Sabbath, Pagan Altar, and Pentagram

Pre-order A Place For Demons HERE.

Warcoe on

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