This Week's New Releases

Keeping up with each week's new releases can be hard. Check out the list below to make sure you haven't missed anything or maybe even find something new you hadn't heard of. You'll find a Bandcamp preview for each release and a link to buy it if you like what you hear.

If we missed something, let us know! Tell us if you've got a future release you want us to be aware of!

400 Blows - Black Rainbow (Reptilian Records) - Buy It

Æolian - Echoes Of The Future (Black Lion Records) - Buy It

Almost Honest - The Hex of Penns Woods (Argonauta Records) - Buy It

Beyond Grace - Welcome To The New Dark Ages, Part 1 (Self Released) - Buy It

The Breathing Process - Todeskrone (Unique Leader Records) - Buy It

Cruciamentum - Obsidian Refractions (Profound Lore Records) - Buy It

Day Job - The Auger (Hex Records) - Buy It

Deathcode Society - Unlightenment (Osmose Productions) - Buy It

Degenerator - The Abyssal Throne (Self Released) - Buy It

Dungeon Wolf - The White Elf (Self Released) - Buy It

Farsoth - Morbid Symphonies (Black Lion Records) - Buy It

Future Static - Liminality (Wild Thing Records) - Buy It

Helga - Wrapped In Mist (Season Of Mist Records) - Buy It

The Hope Conspiracy - Confusion/Chaos/Misery (Deathwish Inc.) - Buy It

Leonov - Procession (Vinter Records) - Buy It

Laang 冷 - Riluo (Talheim Records) - Buy It

Maladie - For We Are The Plague (Apostasy Records) - Buy It

Misanthrophi - Principles of Cosmicism and Decimation (Self Released) - Buy It

Mourn The Light / High Priest / Ice Howl / Archdruid - Mourn The Light / High Priest / Ice Howl / Archdruid (Self Released) - Buy It

No Turning Back - Conquer (Triple B Records) - Buy It

Sadism - Obscurans (Hammerheart Records) - Buy It

Slôdder - A Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things (Majestic Mountain Records) - Buy It

Strange New Dawn - New Nights Of Euphoria (Svart Records) - Buy It

Weeping Silence - Isles Of Lore (ViciSolum Records) - Buy It

Wet Cactus - Magma Tres (Electric Valley Records) - Buy It

Zahn - Adria (Crazysane Records) - Buy It

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Dan started Getting It Out back in 2018 as a stand alone podcast. He’s been writing for music websites for over a decade and finally decided to start his own. Now living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his wife and kids, he briefly sang for Baltimore’s Pleasant Living.

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