Review: Portrayal Of Guilt - We Are Always Alone

Album Title
We Are Always Alone
Released On
Closed Casket Activities

We Are Always Alone is the second full length from Austin, Texas outfit, Portrayal of Guilt. Released January 29th, 2021 on Closed Casket Activities, Portrayal of Guilt are one of the most unique bands I have heard in recent years. Their combination of screamo, hardcore, black metal, and post rock make this release so special.
“The Second Coming” opens the record off with urgency. Parts of this record sound like background music to a horror movie, and it sounds absolutely horrifying. I really enjoy the vocal dynamics on this record. “My Immolation” has a brief portion of clean vocals that adds a nice touch to the record. The closing title track “We Are Always Alone” starts with a super atmospheric intro, and ends so abruptly it leaves you wanting so much more.

I was lucky enough to see Portrayal of Guilt for the first time in 2018 with Birds In Row, and have been absolutely hooked since. They are super creative, and their sound is unlike anything I have ever heard. Really recommend this record to anyone into heavy music.

Carl Gene
Carl Gene
Carl Gene

Carl Gene is from Baltimore, Maryland. He's been involved in the music scene since 2007, and an avid fan of heavy music. You can follow him at @vinylpunisher on Instagram!

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