This Week's New Releases

Keeping up with each week's new releases can be hard. Check out the list below to make sure you haven't missed anything or maybe even find something new you hadn't heard of. You'll find a preview for each release and a link to buy it if you like what you hear.

If we missed something, let us know! If you've got a future release you want us to be aware of, tell us!

Be Well - Hello Sun (Revelation Records) - Buy It

Blut Aus Nord - Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses (Debemur Morti Productions) - Buy It

Bog Body - Cryonic Crevasse Cult (Profound Lore Records) - Buy It

Brandy and the Butcher - Lucky Foot (Ruined Records) - Buy It

Cave In - Heavy Pendulum (Relapse Records) - Buy It

Come To Grief - When The World Dies (Translation Loss Records) - Buy It

The Dark Alamorté - Lunacrium Thepsis (Unique Leader Records) - Buy It

D-Bloc - Do Not Cross (Unbeaten Records) - Buy It

Evergrey - A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) (Napalm Records) - Buy It

Geezer - Stoned Blues Machine (Heavy Psych Sounds) - Buy It

Gronibard - Regarde Les Hommes Sucer (Season Of Mist Records) - Buy It

Helsott - Will and The Witch (M-Theory Audio) - Buy It

LaMacchia - Thunderheads (Aqualamb Records) - Buy It

Luminous Vault - Animate The Emptiness (Profound Lore Records) - Buy It

Malevolence - Malicious Intent (Nuclear Blast Records) - Buy It

Mortal Thrall - A Path To Fire (Trepanation Recordings) - Buy It

Mutually Assured Destruction - Ascension (Triple B Records) - Buy It

Oratory - Inner Pyre (Self Released) - Buy It

Organ Trail - Appetite For Dissection (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) - Buy It

Predatory Light - Death and the Twilight Hours (20 Buck Spin) - Buy It

Rod Rodrigues - Tales Of A Changing Life, Part.1 (Self Released) - Buy It

Rottenness - Violentopia (Selfmadegod Records) - Buy It

Sadist - Firescorched (Agonia Records) - Buy It

Sadistic Ritual - The Enigma, Boundless (Prosthetic Records) - Buy It

Septicflesh - Modern Primitive (Nuclear Blast Records) - Buy It

Serpentent - Mother Of Light (Svart Records) - Buy It

Street Sects - Gentrification V: Whitewashed (The Flesner) - Buy It

Texas Murder Crew - Wrapped In Their Blood (Comatose Music) - Buy It

Unbowed - Colour the Soul (Self Released) - Buy It

Vaamatar - Medievalgeist (Iron Bonehead Productions) - Buy It

Womack - III - Songs Of Downfall & Deliverance (Inverse Records) - Buy It

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