xWeaponx & World Of Pleasure Release Surprise Split

Yesterday, DAZE dropped a surprise release in a split between hardcore bands XWEAPONX and WORLD OF PLEASURE. The split is available on Bandcamp and streaming services, and up for pre-order through DAZE on CD and cassette tape. Both bands will be performing at LDB Fest in Louisville, KY this weekend.

xWeaponx notably features members of Knocked Loose and Harm's Way, and World Of Pleasure's line-up includes members of Mortality Rate, Serration, and Punitive Damage. Both bands represent a nostalgic style, playing metallic straight edge hardcore.

XweaponX tracks were engineered by Issac Hale and mixed and mastered by Zach Tuch.

World of Pleasure tracks were engineered and mixed by Jordan Chase and mastered by Zach Tuch.

Weapon Of Pleasure Tracklist:

1. “Paid In Blood” - XweaponX

2. “Domination III” - XweaponX

3. “World War X” - World Of Pleasure

4. “Uzis Akimbo” - World Of Pleasure

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