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On episode 198 of Getting It Out Podcast, Heath Rave joined the fun to discuss his burgeoning solo project Lotus Thrones. He had already released his debut full length, Lovers In Wartime, and just dropped the first EP in a four part season series Autumnal. Eight months have passed since that chat, and Heath hasn't slowed down in the slightest. The Hibernal EP released in February and a couple covers have seen the light of day as well.

This week, the third installment of the seasonal series is here with Vernal. Getting It Out is proud to share a quick chat with the man himself and an exclusive stream prior to the Friday June 24th release.

Pre-order here and listen below!

Heath Rave
Interviewed by Dan Craley
  • Vernal is the fourth Lotus Thrones release within a year. Did you anticipate this to be such a prolific project?

    I didn’t! I just can’t stop making things! I have slowed down a little though. The next full length is actually finished too and will be out next spring. I have 10 demos started for the 3rd full length and more on the way, but I’m planning to take the initial writing and flesh it out in the space with my live band.

  • This is the third EP in your seasonal series and the third time you taught me a new word. Why did you choose to go with this theme?

    Vernal is the name of the spring equinox. I wanted these songs to have an almost wet and green feel to them. These are all exercises in a way to focus on a specific sound that can hear throughout my other work. Vernal was a chance to show my love for shoegaze and space rock and I really wanted one of these to be a chance to work with Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves) again musically. His contributions are integral to all these songs and he understands this style better than anyone I know. I wanted to get an something that was like Failure and Cave In meets Bloodflowers era Cure.

  • Are you actively writing this material up until the release of each EP?

    Sometimes yes. Sometimes I’m waiting for a guest track. Even if something its “done” I might tweak it on the end.

  • You offered up "Oh Marauder" earlier this year as a benefit to raise money for those in need in Ukraine. Is the version on Vernal different?

    This one is actually mixed and mastered by Will Benoit, the other was just a little mix on my own.

  • "Crickets" may be my favorite Lotus Thrones track yet. It feels simple, but deep and dark enough that somehow "So You Fancy Yourself A Gumshoe?" feels like stepping into the light. How much do you consider sequencing when working with so few songs?

    I feel like sequencing is one of the most important aspects of any multi song recording whether just a few or or a whole record. Each song should relate to the other and compliment each other.

  • You've included a cover of "Mediate" by INXS on Vernal. Why do you feel it fits well with the other songs on the EP?

    It has such and ethereal quality to it. There’s a deep sense of dreaming and longing in. A hope for something better.

  • There are several cover songs in the Lotus Thrones catalog already. Have you considered doing a full covers album? Will you be playing any of these live?

    I can not confirm or deny a covers album. We were working on possibly playing “I And I Survive” but I wanted to reinterpret it even more and there was just no time.

  • Speaking of live music, you're about to play your first shows right? How has that preparation been compared to your past bands?

    We’re playing the Kingsland in Brooklyn on the 24th and Kung Fu Necktie in Philly on the 25th with Trip Villain, Guhts and Netherlands. It’s been challenging but really fun. Teaching my songs to other wasn’t something I had a skill set for, so it’s all new! These guys are great and I plan on keeping them around to help me write and record the the next record.

  • What is the significance of the shapes that run down the left side on the cover art of each release in this series? Do they correlate with the shape in the middle of each artwork?

    Toby Verhines told me they are the building blocks of life.


    Each image is a piece of nature manipulated into something even more beautiful. I cannot say enough about how fantastic Toby is in his creativity and work ethic.

  • Obviously, there is a fourth EP on the way, but can we anticipate combining this series for a full album release in the future?

    I’m not sure. These are all just exercises in creativity for the sake of it. If there’s a demand then definitely but the fact that they exist is special enough for me.

  • There have been a few Lotus Thrones cassettes released so far, can we expect the same for Vernal?

    For sure! Vernal and the next one will be on cassette through Seeing Red.

  • Someone different has handled the mixing and mastering on each of your releases thus far. How did you land on working with SOM's Will Benoit this time around?

    SOM is just so good dude, when I found out Will did it himself I knew that he would make the perfect sound out of these songs with their dreamy and big vibe. He was an absolute joy to work with and I plan on doing more with him in the future.

Dan Craley
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