Sugar Horse Drop "Office Job Simulator" Music Video

In anticipation of their Pelagic Records debut LP, UK quartet SUGAR HORSE have released "Office Job Simulator." The track is the third single from the upcoming album The Grand Scheme of Things due out October 4th.

Ashley Tubb (vocals/guitar) comments on the track, "Now people that know me definitely wouldn't describe me as a supporter of the British monarchy. However, a few months after the death of my father, The Queen died. First of all, I wasn't bothered by this…then after about two straight days of non-stop press coverage, it started really getting to me. Why does this random woman deserve weeks of non-stop press coverage and faux-outpourings of third hand grief, when regular everyday people (like my dad) are more or less ignored? Life carries on as if nothing has happened. It's kind of disgusting to me in a way. The imbalance of power. Think of this as our comrades call to arms."

On the record, the band elaborates, "This album was intended to be a sideways step. A move away from the kind of thing that is expected of us... if anything is at all. What I mean by that, is the songs are more direct. They take a much shorter amount of time to 'get to the point.' We also wanted to make this one noticeably 'less metal.' While we love being a bit boneheaded and confrontational, we definitely wanted to explore the more melodic, song-based side of the band’s sound. Normally, you'd see shortened song structures and more singing and think, 'Oh these guys are going for gold….they wanna get on the radio and make millions of bloodstained pounds.' Well, you're very much entitled to think that if you wish, but it felt like more of a songwriting challenge than anything else to be honest. We've done the whole drawn out, endless space rock thing a good few times now and it would've been easy to rest on those laurels. Do something we're comfortable with. Alas, that is not really the point of this band. We'd much prefer to make it difficult and take the long route."

Pre-order The Grand Scheme of Things HERE.

The Grand Scheme of Things tracklist:
1. The Grand Scheme Of Things
2. The Shape Of ASMR To Come
3. Corpsing
4. Mulletproof
5. Spit Beach
6. New Dead Elvis
7. Jefferson Aeroplane Over The Sea
8. Office Job Simulator
9. Space Tourist

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