An Introduction

Welcome to!

What is this? Why are you here? What is the point? Well hopefully I can answer some of those questions.

I started Getting It Out Podcast in January 2018 for no real reason other than to entertain myself, and maybe some others in the process. The one thing I specifically didn't want the podcast to become was a standard interview show, and that's exactly what it became! Four years and over 220 episodes later, I'm okay with what the podcast is, but I want to do more.

For more than a decade I helped as a contributor at For better or worse, I greatly enjoyed writing album reviews and for many years I shamelessly tore apart undeserving bands and musicians who just wanted to share their music with the world. Sorry about that! I've grown up a bit since then and I've found that I truly enjoy shining a light on the music that I love. So, that's what this is.

Hopefully, you're here for a good reason, but if you're not, that's okay too! Whether you heard about it on the podcast or followed a link and ended up here, I'm glad you did. I hope this website can serve as a place you come to find out about new artists in "underground" music or keep up with the ones you already love. That might not be why you're here now, but I hope that's why you come back.

Now I know what you might be saying to yourself. Don't we already have enough of these sites? The answer is simple. No we don't. I fully recognize sites like No Echo and In Effect are the best place to go for hardcore and that's not going to change. I can't compete with their passion and expertise and I don't want to. I know there's nothing better than Encyclopaedia Metallum when I want information on nearly any metal band in existence. I've been going to Lambgoat and The PRP for music news since high school and I'm going to continue to do so. Let's not forget my favorite source of ALL TIME Decibel Magazine. Having said all that, I want all of those things in one place. That's the point of

It's going to be a process and take some time for this site to become fully realized, but I'm looking forward to the task. That's how the podcast evolved and that's how we are going to do it here. Oh yeah, I used the word "we" and I mean it. I've got help on this one. Some old friends and some new ones too will be helping write articles and reviews and I am eternally grateful for their contributions. You can help too if you'd like. Really, just reach out if you're interested. I'd be happy to have you!

I think that covers it.

Dan Craley
Gotten Out By
Dan Craley

Dan started Getting It Out back in 2018 as a stand alone podcast. He’s been writing for music websites for over a decade and finally decided to start his own. Now living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his wife and kids, he briefly sang for Baltimore’s Pleasant Living.

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