Disturbin' The Peace 2023 Sells Out Immediately

Yesterday, Flatspot Records announced the 2023 edition of Disturbin' The Peace and it sold out shortly thereafter. The ten band bill largely showcases hardcore bands from the Flatspot Records family tree and is headlined by the return of Baltimore's own TRAPPED UNDER ICE.

This years event includes a venue upgrade as the show has moved from The Ottobar to Baltimore Soundstage. Surely, the move allows for a larger capacity, but that didn't stop the show from selling out almost immediately.

No doubt, more tickets will emerge through third parties, but you'll have to keep an eye out if you missed your first chance. Check the line-up on the awesome flyer from Marina Inoue, featuring several Getting It Out alumni and favorites.

Trapped Under Ice

End It

No Warning


Never Ending Game



Mutually Assured Destruction


Hold My Own

Dan Craley
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Dan Craley

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