Review: Primitive Man - Immersion

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If you are familiar with Primitive Man at all, you know that they objectively bring the bleakest sound in heavy music today. In 2013, they put out Scorn, which became an instant classic in heavy music and really “put them on the map” for lack of a better term. Since then, they have put out a handful of full lengths, noise records, and splits, solidifying them as a force to be reckoned with. On August 14th, 2020 Primitive Man released Immersion on Relapse Records.

Immersion opens up with “The Lifer”, a beautiful seven and a half minute piece of crushing agony. I don’t know what it is about this band, but singer Ethan Lee McCarthy sounds borderline possessed. Following “The Lifer” is “Entity” which opens with this dissonant feedback delay for over two minutes before breaking into this slow, droning piece of bliss. “Menacing” begins with unrelenting blast beats, a complete change of pace from the previous songs before going into easily the heaviest song on the record. “♾” comes blistering in after, a two minute harsh noise track that abruptly puts the listener on edge. “Foul” sounds like the gates of hell opening up, and sucking you in. The record ends on “Consumption”, a six minute piece with the coolest drum beat at the very beginning, and a perfect closer for an album.

With each release, Primitive Man continue to be the measuring stick for bands that are relentless in sound. Each time they put out a record, I ponder what’s next for this band. If they can put out a record heavier and more disgusting than Immersion, I will be amazed. It’s unbelievable how heavy Primitive Man are, and I really wish I smoked weed.

Carl Gene
Carl Gene
Carl Gene

Carl Gene is from Baltimore, Maryland. He's been involved in the music scene since 2007, and an avid fan of heavy music. You can follow him at @vinylpunisher on Instagram!

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