Review: Solothus - Realm of Ash and Blood

Album Title
Realm of Ash and Blood
Released On
20 Buck Spin Records

Oppressively monolithic. Two words to quickly describe the new Solothus. Their third release, first for 20 Buck Spin, the Finnish band has fine tuned their death doom sound. First impressions will leave you knowing this band is solid and knows what they're doing. Repeated listens it begins to reveal itself more.

On the surface, it's a well put together death doom album. The more you absorb its atmosphere, you recognize the melancholic beauty to it. Their sense of melody is excellently put to use and draped over riffs that are fists of stone, pummeling you down.

It's not all slow doom and gloom. They do kick up the pace from time to time and do so in an old school death feel. However, one thing that I noticed over repeated listens, is their use of melodic solos that remind me of 80's metal. Some of you may cringe at that, but listen to that solo in "Chasm of Shattered Bones" and tell me I'm wrong. I love it.

Realms of Ash and Blood is not something that you just give a casual listen to. It begs you to absorb it and let it suffocate you in its thick riffs. A great outing from the band and another great release for 20 Buck Spin that are trying to make the underground go broke with all of their great releases.

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